Our Newest Research – More Than Multisite

In Research by Barna Group & CKN

The advent of multisite and church planting strategies in recent decades has introduced unprecedented opportunities–and challenges–for the church.

Faith leaders who contemplate moving their church beyond a single campus face a variety of daunting questions: What kind of building or location will best serve the community we’d like to reach? How will resources be shared or distributed? Who should be on the launch team? Can the church maintain unity and stay on message across congregations? Which model makes the most sense for our context—and will it work?

More Than Multisite, a new Barna report based on research commissioned by Cornerstone Knowledge Network and sponsored by Aspen Group and Fishhook, offers a detailed look at the current culture of planting and growing churches.

On whatever scale it occurs, healthy church expansion requires strategy—not merely for the growth of a congregation or the construction of a building, but ultimately for the spread of the gospel. More Than Multisite is a comprehensive tool to help churches minimize the challenges of launching additional congregations so they can stay on mission as they grow.


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Barna Group & CKNOur Newest Research – More Than Multisite