The Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN) was co-founded in 2004 by Aspen Group, a design/build/furnish firm whose mission is to create space for ministry impact. Today, Aspen collaborates with Fishhook and other ministry-focused organizations to continue the mission of CKN: to develop and disseminate meaningful knowledge that radically improves how facilities impact ministry. By learning and sharing knowledge about culture, leadership, ministry, and facilities, the CKN strives to equip the church with meaningful, useful information to increase ministry effectiveness.

Our Board Members

Ed Bahler
CEO of Aspen Group and FBi Buildings, and founding member of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network

Brad Eisenmann
President of Aspen Group

Marian Liautaud
Director of marketing for Aspen Group, and executive director of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network

Evan McBroom
Founder and CEO of Fishhook, a church communications agency

Bill Couchenour
A founding member of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network and Exponential team member

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